How To Care For Cashmere Clothing

Girl in soft cashmere jumper

How often should I wash my cashmere?

Do not be afraid to wash your cashmere! We would recommend that you wash your garment after 5 wears, great quality cashmere improves with washing, over time the wonderful fluff will form on the surface that makes the cashmere so wonderfully soft and cuddly.

The best way to wash our cashmere is in the washing machine at 30 degrees, have a look over at our how to wash cashmere for full instructions. Whilst you can machine wash all our cashmere sweaters, some other brands of cashmere is hand wash only, use cold water with either baby shampoo or mild detergent, , gently squeezing until it is clean. Once it is clean, don't tightly squeeze your cashmere or stretch when wet, shake it out briefly and let it dry loose on a flat towel to air dry.

You can also dry clean your cashmere, follow the instructions on your care label.

One thing you should never so is wash with fabric softener, this coats the cashmere and flattens the surface structure and the garment will wear out much quicker.

Folded cashmere jumpers

Cashmere pilling

We are often asked how do i prevent my cashmere from pilling? You can't completely, It is a natural process when you wear your cashmere that is caused by friction on the first few wears, it has nothing to do with the quality of the product. Every cashmere owner needs a little cashmere bobble remover. We have a handy cashmere comb that does the job brilliantly. 

Although we have been told many times that our cashmere is far better than most ( due to the knitting tension and long fibres that we use) occasionally, especially in areas of friction, you may find that the loose surface fibres rub together creating a few tiny balls on the surface, this is called pilling. If this does occur, we recommend that you use a comb. Simply lay your clothing flat and run the comb over the surface gently catching and picking up any balls of fibre. Do not worry that you will damage the garment, as this tool has been specifically designed for this purpose. We would advise against cashmere shavers as the danger of tearing holes into the garment is very likely.

After a few washes, your cashmere will cease to pill, as the fibres settle down and all the loose fibres will have been removed either in the machine or by combing. 


combing a cashmere jumper

How do I remove stains?

We would advise against brushing or soaking the garment to remove stains, just gently put a drop of mild detergent on the spot and pop it into the machine at 30 degrees.

How to store cashmere

Always keep your cashmere in a breathable knitwear storage bag, don't use plastic bags as it needs to breathe, with an Anti-Moth paper sachet if possible; that way those nasty moths won't get a chance to have a feast on your cashmere. When storing cashmere always make sure it is clean as there is nothing moths love more than the smell of worn cashmere. For more guidance on protecting your clothes from moths read our blog on do moths eat clothes.