Our Inspiration

Here at Cashmere & Cotton, we are not about fast-fashion, throw-away style or about reacting to the latest trends. Instead we believe that clothes should be carefully considered, made slowly with care and attention and designed for real women who wish to feel comfortable, confident and elegant. Women like you who are looking for clothes of exceptional quality that give flexibility and adaptability to suit our daily lives. Ultimately timeless pieces that you want to invest in.

cashmere travel wraps piled up on wooden stool

The starting point and the basis of all our seasonal collections is our exceptional quality & long lasting cashmere clothing. We are passionate about cashmere and want our customers to feel as excited wearing our styles as we do, from the moment we design them. Our knowledge and product quality combined with our passion for impeccable customer service, means that we love welcoming new and returning customers year after year.

There are many years of design and buying experience within our small team and long standing relationships with the finest yarn suppliers and knitters of cashmere clothing. We all share the same ambition, to bring you ethically sourced, better quality clothing that is designed right here in Britain. Our exclusive Warm & Co. Cashmere label is only available through Cashmere & Cotton and has become  synonymous with the finest quality 100% pure cashmere jumpers and other timeless cashmere favourites, including our signature cashmere scarves and wraps.  Feminine charm is exemplified by our exclusive range of the prettiest cotton blouses and shirts which we update each season to complement and elevate our cashmere knitwear range.......

Cashmere and cotton.....that's what we do best. 

behind the scenes on cashmere and cotton's photoshoot

Our Cashmere Is Happy

Our luxuriously soft cashmere originates from the finest farms across inner Mongolia. We choose these farms for their quality and the welfare of their happy animals. We only use the finest and longest yarns, which means that our cashmere is softer, stronger and will last longer than comparable high street brands. Our cashmere stays in the best shape due to the way we knit the yarn. Knitted to specific tension to prevent excessive pilling and pre-washed by us so you can wash your cashmere at home. Yes, our cashmere is totally machine washable. Say goodbye to the dry cleaners with our handy guide on how to wash cashmere.

Our Colours Are Kind

With the largest choice of shades available across our collection, we embrace colour at Cashmere & Cotton. From cosy earthy tones to pops of zesty hues, we ensure that our process gives the best colour with the best sustainable dyes. Kinder for the environment and softer to the touch for your clothing.

Out Cotton Is Soft & Our Shirts Are Pretty

Our ladies shirt range is designed to elevate your knitwear with fine details, both formal and feminine such as crisp collars and cuffs to softer ruffles and ties. 

women's white cotton shirts

We Do Yoga

We are a family. Our expert and friendly team are as addicted to passionate customer service as they are with our cosy cashmere. We like to think that when you shop with us you'll feel the love. We'll bend over backwards for our customers. Our lunchtime Yoga class really helps with this...

Cashmere and Cotton office buildings in Cheshire