Women's Cashmere Scarves

We're proud to design all our cashmere knitwear in our Cheshire studio and we're best known for our colourful choices of women's cashmere scarves. We'd like to think that our dreamily soft yarn makes our scarves not only make you and ladies alike feel like you're on cloud nine, but they are also durable and can be washed at home. Our cashmere scarves, just like all our collections, are pre-washed and ready for you to pop in the machine when required. If you're unsure how to wash cashmere then our guide will certainly help.

Dreamily Soft Pure Cashmere Wraps

Designed to be a similar size to a pashmina, however much thicker and using more yarn, our 100% pure cashmere wraps are a go-to for travel & lounging at home with your favourite show. Wear as a snood or simply cocoon yourself for those longer journeys, our wraps are a best-seller thanks to their dreamily soft cashmere and versatility. We even see customers using our pure cashmere wraps as throws and blankets when on their travels too!

What are Cashmere Snoods & Cashmere Stoles?

Snoods historically were designed to keep your hair in place, similar to a hairnet, a functional snood was worn over the back of the head. Over the years, this has transitioned from coarse mesh or yarn into fashionable items worn around your neck. Cashmere snoods are a sumptuously soft cowl-like designed scarf that sits around your neck, and what better softness for your face to snuggle down into than 100% pure cashmere.

Cashmere stoles and scarves are essentially very similar. Both can be worn around the neck or wrapped around you, however, we'd recommend a cashmere stole should be worn with eveningwear due to its dainty yarn and more manageable size. Originating from the Roman word 'stola' (the women's alternative to a Toga), a stole tends to use more premium materials or yarn and although it's not as wide as a cashmere wrap, it can be used to wrap around your body also.

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