Where Do We Source Our Cashmere?

We are asked this question a lot and we are always very keen for our customers to know the process and to feel happy that the cashmere knitwear they are buying has been ethically and sustainably produced. We are passionate about our cashmere and we are so happy that you are too.

Here at Cashmere & Cotton we are proud of our ethical policy of delivering the finest quality pure cashmere knitwear, which has been monitored and controlled at every stage of manufacture from goat to garment. We are not cheap, which should reassure you that we care about our product and where we source it from.

Cashmere goats in field

Our Goats.

We only use yarn from the goats in Inner Mongolia as they have the best hair due to the fluctuations of the weather from -40 degrees in the winter and over 40 degrees in the summer, this means that they produce a long and fine undercoat to keep them warm as toast.

Our cashmere goats live free on the plains and grasslands. We can reassure you that all our goats are cared for with love and respect, the herders are visited twice a year to make sure the herds are healthy and cared for.

They are only sheared once a year, in May to June when the cold weather has gone and they are happy to have their soft undercoat removed! We make sure that we only collect the hair by shearing as this means we get the longest hair spun into yarn, and it is also much kinder to the goats.  They happily lie on the mats and let the shearers shear them, the same shearers go from farm to farm and they are experts, causing minimal stress to the goats.

women working in cashmere yarn suppliers

Our Yarn.

Our yarn suppliers have been producing the finest highest quality cashmere fibre for over 30 years and have full traceability from fibre to yarn. They only use quality dyes tested to the highest standard and using 60% recycled water and efficient energy sources to reduce the carbon footprint. They supply to some of the top fashion houses and are proud of their reputation as the best in the business. All the yarn is pre washed so we can machine wash all our cashmere, have a look at our how to wash cashmere guide.

Our Designers. 

Each season, our small team of designers here in the UK put together the seasons colour palette, which is dyed specifically to our shades and manufactured to our standards. Unlike some brands we never blend our cashmere garments with any other fibre, we prefer to give an exceptional quality garment, which is always guaranteed 100% Cashmere. Why not treat yourself to one of our beautifully designed cashmere sweaters?

photo of rail of cashmere jumpers

Our Knitters.

Once the cashmere yarn has been dyed and spun we manufacture our styles using factories we have been involved in for over 25 years. We have been using the same knitters since we started and so the history and trust we share ensures that our garments are made to the exact standards that we require.