How To Stop Moths Eating Your Clothes.

how to stop moths eating your clothes cashmere clothes moth

The battle begins....

So it's that time of year when those pesky moths start laying all their eggs on your lovely cashmere.

March marks the beginning of the moth breeding season, The female adult moths lay eggs on natural fibres such as wool, fur, cashmere and animal fibres and can lay up to 300 eggs between March and September. The eggs or larvae eat the fibre before they evolve. Do take a look at our guide 'Do Moths eat clothes?' for a more detailed look into the clothes moth.  A lot of people are afraid of treating themselves to a piece of cashmere knitwear quite simply because of the devastating damage the little clothes moth larvae can do. Moths do love cashmere, but they also love wool and other natural fibres so it is best to get into good habits now as the breeding season starts. It is easy to keep the moths at bay, you just need to follow our step by step guide.  One thing we do know for sure....100% pure Cashmere is definitely worth the effort.

cashmere care kit to keep moths away and keep your cashmere knitwear safe

Step by Step Guide

It is really quite simple to keep the moths at bay and make sure your cashmere is always looking its best by following our guide.

  1. The first thing we recommend is to use a moth box, (see our Cashmere Care products) , to check if you have moth infestation. Designed to stop the breeding cycle, our effective moth box attracts the male moths onto the female pheromone-impregnated adhesive strip which traps and ultimately kills them. This strip also helps to see the seriousness of your moth problem. Place inside your wardrobe in quiet, undisturbed place. 
  2. Keep all your wardrobes and cupboards clean. It's always good to give them a deep clean, hoover and wipe down every spring to get rid of moths so there aren't dusty corners for them to hide in.
  3. Wash all your cashmere, to ensure it is clean.  Moths love worn cashmere. Either machine wash or dry clean depending on the washing instructions.
  4. Keep your cashmere in a breathable storage, so the moths can't get in. Keeping cashmere clothes in plastic bags isn't great as they can't breathe, natural fibres need to be able to breathe.
  5. Place a natural moth sachet in the garment bag as the specially formulated mixture gives off a pleasant aroma which is great a preventing moths.

 abigail cashmere sweater stacked in a pile on a faux fur throw for moths


Always keep checking your cashmere knitwear for signs of moth infestation.  Always remember, should you be unlucky and experience any tiny moth holes, use your complimentary yarn sample ( attached to every garment)  to make a careful repair, or call us for some additional yarn or to simply ask our advice!