Seven Ways to Wear your Cashmere Wrap.

Ask anyone, to give a definition of the word "luxury".....and they will probably use words such as sumptuous, indulgence, opulence, enjoyment and comfort. So if you are looking for a little bit of luxury in your life or looking to give the gift of luxury to someone you love, our wonderfully luxurious 100% cashmere travel wrap can be described as all of those things and must be the most useful and versatile piece of cashmere that one can own. Layer a super soft cashmere jumper or cardigan with a wrap either draped, wrapped or tied and the luxury, comfort and style is hard to beat.

chinchilla cashmere travel wrap

1.  The perfect travel any season.

A bulky coat or jacket can sometimes ruin a style and kill an outfit, don't you think? A cashmere wrap is not only a far more stylish layer for warmth without weight when you need it, but is also easily rolled and stored in your holdall when you don't. To stop this item falling off the shoulders, why not tie it at the front corners, twist and loop over the head, creating a poncho type shape and leaving your hands free to hop on and off transport as you travel. 

My holiday essentials consist of a good holdall, a travel wrap and a pair of sunglasses. With these three items, I can go anywhere and feel prepared for whatever the weather decides to do. For summer evenings when the temperature drops, a wrap over the shoulders or the legs is the easiest solution to staying warm with style.

2.  Feeling the cold?

For colder weather use your wrap as a super sized scarf, tying it snugly around the neck for the most amazing feeling of cosiness and warmth. We must warn you however, that once on, this accessory is so very hard to take off!  Tied securely it is even possible to wear on the ski slopes in freezing temperatures keeping warm against the biting wind on the ski lifts.

charcoal cashmere wrap worn as cashmere scarf and cashmere throw

3. Shopping with the girls...

It is never easy choosing what to wear when spending a day in the high street with the shops heated, but the streets cold.  Why not forgo the coat and use the travel wrap stylishly draped over your shoulders? It is easy to unwrap if you get too warm and won't get in the way unlike a bulky coat. It can even be popped over your head should a shower of rain suddenly appear! Roll it and place in your bag if the weather allows. Cashmere is a natural fibre and does not get damaged by rain. Simply dry flat for best results.

sage green cashmere wrap worn for lunch with friends

4. Around the home & garden...

You would be surprised how useful our pure cashmere travel wrap is around the home. Large enough to span a king size bed; a throw at the base of your bed can be used to keep your toes snuggly warm or to wrap around your shoulders whilst indulging in some late night reading.

I have 2 or 3 wraps over the arms and back of my large settee at home which the family use to snuggle up in front of the TV on most evenings, and although I really shouldn't admit this, the dog too loves nothing more than stretching out on my rather lovely cashmere throw. In the garden too, there is nothing more satisfying than staying out under the stars till late snuggled up under cashmere.

chinchilla and green cashmere wraps used around the home and garden

5. After exercise...

After strenuous exercise it is really important to keep your muscles warm.  At the end of a yoga class the travel wrap is perfect to use as a blanket whilst you do the Savansana (Corpse) pose during meditation, keeping you warm and keeping the muscles that have been working so hard from getting cold. It is also great to wrap over your shoulders to walk home after the class!

6. Evenings out...

Want to elevate your look at a black tie event and look chic and stylish? Throw a wrap over your shoulders and it can transform your outfit as well as keeping you warm to and from the event. Available in 15 stunning shades, add a ping of colour or a classic tone, whatever the mood requires. This season, we have added black and navy as a staple shade requested by you.

grey and navy cashmere wrap worn stylishly over cashmere knitwear

7. Outdoor events...

Thinking of Glynedebourne, Wimbledon or a trip to the races? It is always hard to find an outfit that not only looks formal for those smart occasions, but one that keeps you warm outside in the unpredictable British climate as well. The travel wrap is the perfect solution, it can add to your style while protecting you from the summer breeze and easily pops into your bag should the weather suddenly improve. 

Our 100% Cashmere super sized travel wrap measures 2m length by 1m width and is available in 15 stunning shades. It is knitted in a stunning heavyweight 2 ply cashmere, is machine washable with no need to iron.....what's not to love?

dog wrapped in camel cashmere wrap sleeping