Why Cashmere Makes The Perfect Gift in 2021

2021 is well underway and between the lockdowns, travel restrictions and uncertainty of when we may get to see those friends and family in other parts of the world, we’ve got the busiest time of the year on the horizon. Christmas. Yes, it’s September and we’ve already mentioned the festive season ahead, however, cashmere gifts are the perfect present this year.

Not only is it a beautiful & thoughtful gift to receive, but if you do have to post your presents around the world this Christmas, they’re lightweight, compact and incredibly difficult to damage when packed well. The festive season brings stocking fillers in the forms of cashmere socks, hats & scarves. Those wanting to go all out, then look no further than our collection of cashmere gifts, ready to be sent directly to your loved ones.

Cashmere is perfect for year-round wear

On cold days, cashmere is twice as warm as sheep’s wool despite being much softer and more lightweight. The fibres are incredibly fine, which is what makes cashmere so soft, but also makes it super effective at keeping out the chill. In warmer weather, these properties of premium cashmere also make cashmere garments highly breathable which keeps you cool and comfortable. This makes cashmere totally unique and perfect for wearing all year-round.

Cashmere is a lasting investment

While it is known to be one of the finest and softest natural materials you can buy, cashmere is remarkably strong. It takes hundreds of individual fibres to make cashmere yarn, and this is what makes cashmere jumpers, cardigans, scarves and shawls so durable. With the right care, a luxurious cashmere garment can last for decades, and will bring you as much joy in 20 years as it did the first time you wore it.

Cashmere is always in fashion

Trends may come and go, but luxury and classic chic will always be in fashion. Our cashmere clothing for women is lovingly designed to be fashionable yet timeless, and traditional yet with a modern twist. One of the reasons for cashmere’s enduring appeal is that it is flattering for all body types and looks gorgeous whether it is worn dressed up or dressed down. A simple cashmere jumper can be elevated with the right accessories, or kept simple for a cosy, casual look. A luxurious cashmere scarf draped effortlessly over the shoulders can take your look from everyday to sparkling with glamour in an instant.

Cashmere is sustainable and ethical

Unlike many manmade and natural fibres, cashmere is considered to be sustainable. As it is such a precious resource, it is treated and processed using gentle methods, and the herds which produce the wool for our garments are raised with extremely high levels of welfare which also makes it a truly ethical choice. We want you to love our cashmere collection as much as we do, so we have spent time sourcing some of the most luxurious, sustainable, and ethical cashmere in the world.