Why Cashmere is a Timeless Choice This Autumn

As the days begin to get shorter and the evenings start to cool, it is reassuring to know that we can always depend on the uplifting luxury and unbeatable comfort provided by our favourite cashmere pieces. Cashmere sweaters are our preferred seasonal staple, with a relaxed crew neck cashmere jumper, long hem & oversized fit that can handle warmer September days and into the cooler October.

We may be biased here at Cashmere and Cotton, however, our love for cashmere is why we feel it’s a timeless choice for women’s fashion. Not only does cashmere look gorgeous and feel great, there are plenty of other benefits to wearing this beautiful & natural material.

Luxurious warmth without the bulk

Woollen clothing often has a reputation for being bulky and unflattering, and while this is true of other kinds of wool such as sheep's wool, the reality of cashmere is very different. The fibres in each cashmere garment are incredibly fine and lightweight, which allows them to trap warm air much more efficiently than other kinds of wool can. This means that while other kinds of woollen garments will need to be bulky in order to keep you warm, cashmere clothing keeps you cosy and warm without the bulk so you can maintain a chic silhouette even in cold weather.

Woman wearing cashmere vest

A comforting experience for the skin

If you have found that wool brings your skin out in a rash or feels itchy and uncomfortable, the chances are that you have an allergy to the lanolin which is present in many kinds of wool. This probably means that you have avoided wool in the past, but did you know that cashmere is actually hypoallergenic, and doesn’t contain any of that irritating lanolin? As such, cashmere is considered the perfect choice for people who can’t wear other kinds of wool, and even means it is ideal for baby clothing, blankets and accessories. Cashmere gives you a soft, gentle, and comforting experience which always feels good against the skin, so if you have struggled with other kinds of wool in the past then cashmere is definitely something you should try this winter - it will quickly become a favourite!

Woman wearing green oversized cashmere jumper

Elegance does not need to be uncomfortable

Cashmere has long been associated with luxury and elegance, and historically is somewhat of a status symbol. While most luxury clothes such as Louboutin heels and heavily structured dresses are not known for their comfort, cashmere clothing is known to be extremely comfortable, flattering and elegant for all body types. Aside from being beautifully light and soft, cashmere clothing such as our delightful range of cardigans, wraps and jumpers have a gorgeous drape and the perfect amount of stretch. This means that our lovingly designed range will conform to the contours of your body without ever clinging, for a streamlined, flattering, and highly wearable look.

An ethical, sustainable choice

Our cashmere is carefully selected for quality, ethics and sustainability from the very best suppliers in Inner Mongolia. We always ensure that our farms follow our best practice ethical cashmere guides.