This Season's Must-Have Hue...Blue!

In these times of uncertainty, we tend to gravitate to what we know and surround ourselves with the familiar.  With it's direct connection to nature from the stunning Mediterranean blue seas to the beautiful clear blue skies on the brightest of days, blue hues are known to be evocative of stability, trust, confidence and connection. 

all the blues cashmere and cotton product montage

Pantone, the colour specialists who highlight top seasonal colours and who forecast global colour trends for all things from fashion to interiors, listed as their colour of the year for 2020 Classic Blue, a deep sea blue which we have embraced for this season in our Ocean Blue colour-way.

pantone classic blue colour of the year

Blue is a restful colour, it brings a sense of peace and calmness to the spirit, it is also known to aid concentration and clarity.  Nature has an amazing way of combining colours and hues. If you look up, you will see that the sky never clashes with the earth below but complements, brightens and enhances everything it touches.  Blue with earthy colours such as brown, copper and rust, or blue with greens, limes and yellow, it is a colour that works with everything beautifully.

Not only in fashion, but according to a recent blog by SampleBoard this is the shade for the season and the go-to colour in Interior design projects. We love this storyboard showing the calmness and tranquility of adding blue to your home.

classic blue interior trend mood board

So we have taken this optimistic and versatile shade and incorporated it into a host of Autumn/Winter wardrobe suggestions and from your first reactions, it seems you are embracing it too.

Our palette of blue starts with the palest on Blue Mist through to a deep Kingfisher and a number of variations in between.

Ocean Blue

Our newest colour is taken directly from Pantone Classic Blue, a deep blue that brightens the dullest day.  Proving to be one of our most popular colours already, as Pantone states it offers "Trust and Constancy" and who doesn't need that at this time?

Indigo Blue

One of our Key colours, season after season, this popular shade is perfect when teamed with denim and a crisp white shirt.  

sally curved hem cashmere jumper in indigo blue

Blue Mist 

The softest of blues reminiscent of early autumn mornings.  More flattering than grey for most skin tones and looks less casual when worn with black or brown. 

blue mist cashmere colour board 

Regatta Blue

One of our old favourites and loved by so many of you.  A stronger lighter version of Ocean Blue for those of you who like a brighter, sharper shade in winter as well as summer and perfect to cheer you up on a dull day.


This is a dark, bright, marine aqua-blue with a gorgeous deep-water undertone. In interiors, it makes a perfect paint colour for a restful study or bedroom and teamed with earthy colours such as Camel and Paprika, brings your winter home or wardrobe to life!

kingfisher mood board

So whatever your wardrobe choices, this season, we recommend you try one of the seasons most fashionable shades and opt for a blue that suits your mood and your lifestyle.