How To Wear Cashmere Wraps This Autumn

Our cashmere wraps and oversized scarves are a firm customer favourite, and we have curated a much loved collection which is perfect for keeping cosy and on-trend during the autumn and winter months. Each one has been lovingly designed to be easy-to-wear and effortlessly chic. Wear off your shoulders or fully wrapped up. Here we'll show you how to wear cashmere wraps this autumn and moving into winter.

Pair your wrap with a turtleneck

One of the cosiest and yet coolest ways to style your oversized luxury cashmere wrap is to pair it with a long sleeved turtleneck jumper. Chic and always stylish, turtlenecks are a winter favourite that we love snuggling into. Wear your wrap over your shoulders to reveal a glimpse of your sleeves and high neckline, and choose skinny jeans and your favourite winter boots to complete the look.

Wear your wrap over a dress

Cashmere wrap over dress

When the weather starts to cool but we are still making the most of our lighter summer dresses, an oversized wrap is the perfect way to keep warm while creating feminine, soft looks. Choose a wrap in a colour that compliments your dress rather than clashing with it to keep the look light. If you are looking for something completely versatile then you can’t go wrong by choosing a neutral wrap in beige, grey or black as these will go with absolutely anything.

Choose a monochrome colour theme

Monochrome is always fashionable, and you can never go wrong by choosing a monochrome outfit. Our beautifully soft and luxurious cashmere travel wrap in blue looks stunning with a blue blouse and jeans, giving your outfit a cohesive look without being overbearing. If you prefer something a little edgier, a wrap or oversized scarf in black looks effortlessly stylish and flattering for any occasion when worn with a black outfit.

Layering a white shirt

Layering wrap with a shirt

A well-fitting white shirt is a wardrobe staple that no one should be without. They are perfect for so many occasions, from everyday wear to more formal events or the office. Pair your favourite white blouse with a cashmere wrap or scarf for an instantly chic and easy-to-wear look that you can achieve in seconds. Cashmere is the perfect material to wear every day as it is wonderfully soft and comforting, yet highly breathable. Our scarves and wraps are perfect for keeping off the chill, making them an everyday luxury which elevates a simple white blouse and jeans combination.

Accessorise your outfit

Accessories can make or break a look, so choose the perfect partners for your wraps and scarves carefully. A leather handbag and heels in a colour that matches your scarf is a simple way to create a chic, colour blocking look that is modern and sophisticated. You can also pair a cashmere scarf with chunky bracelets, which looks even more impactful when worn with a short sleeved top or a cami, and statement necklaces or layered necklaces for a modern, chic look.