How To Enjoy The Perfect Staycation

Whilst very few of us may be able to holiday on a beautiful beach in the mediterranean this summer, perhaps the perfect solution might be to relish in the delights of the UK and appreciate all that it has to offer. 

Maybe little things that we tend to forget are the things that give us great pleasure and contribute, so much to our mental wellbeing. So here are a few ideas of things to do that won't break the bank and might help to create the perfect staycation.

Be a tourist in your own town.

You may have lived there for many years, or maybe, even your whole life but do you really know the city you grew up in? Take an open-top bus tour, pick up a guide book and choose to explore a place or places that you haven't been before. There is so much to explore right on your doorstep.

kiya on the beach wearing white cotton embroidered shirt

Find a beach you have never visited.

We live on an island, there are literally thousands of beaches around our coastline, both rugged and beautiful. Why not get that map out, find a nearby beach and go exploring. End the day with fish & chips overlooking the sea.  You can't get better than that can you?

staycation at the british seaside

Sleep under the stars (in your own garden)

This is great to do with the children, or grandchildren or for your inner child.  Why not set up a tent in the garden, and enjoy a real camping experience by cooking dinner on a burner (or a barbecue will do).  Lay a few cushions and lamps on the grass and sit in a circle, telling stories or playing games until it's time to retreat to your tent. The beauty of this is that you can carry your duvets, cashmere scarves and other home comforts into your tent for the ultimate camping experience without having to transport it further than the garden.

camping under the stars in your garden

Have fun at the riverbank

We are all close to a river, whether a little stream or a large lake there is loads of fun to be had from collecting minnows in a bucket, to wild swimming, checking out the local sailing club, taking out a canoe or even just sitting by the riverbank reading your favourite book.  Just being by water, relaxes the mind and good for our mental wellbeing. 

chilling by the riverside

Learn a new skill

Sign up for Yoga at your local sports centre, take a diving course or simply dedicate some time baking the perfect cake.  Take the opportunity to learn a new skill while on a staycation, the choice is completely up to you.  There are many tutorials on YouTube from learning to paint, to building a shed! Whatever it is, commit some time this summer to honing a new skill.

Support a local business and stay in a nearby hotel

What's the best thing about staying in a hotel?  Is it the freshly cleaned sheets every day, the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, or enjoying room service while you waltz around in one of those fluffy white bathrobes?

What about the long summer evenings spent soaking up the last sun rays at the rooftop pool, followed by a long, warm shower, a cocktail in the hotel bar before making your way to dinner on the terrace? All the things we love about hotels can be enjoyed just as much in a hotel close to home. In fact, a hotel stay in your home town can inject life and excitement into your own neighbourhood. Whether it’s a 5-star luxury all-inclusive hotel or a small boutique with quirky rooms, check out what your local hotels have to offer! 

learn a new skill and stay at a local hotel

Go on a long walk

Drive for an hour and go on a walk in a new area, there is some amazing  countryside around us all and it is chance to explore a new area, with maybe even a pub at the end for that refreshing drink to end the day.

Whatever this Summer brings, we hope that you find time to take pleasure in the things we may have forgotten, and with the people we love the most, whatever the weather and wherever you find yourself.

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