Can You Wear Cashmere In The Summer?

camelia pink cashmere scarf with matching flowers on a floral backdrop

Why cashmere is the perfect fibre for your summer wardrobe.

Over the last few years cashmere has become firmly established as the go to fibre for the colder months of Autumn/Winter due to its natural softness, its cosiness and its warmth. You may be surprised however to know how easy it is to give this wonderful fibre an extended life through to the hottest months due to its natural ability to self regulate in all temperatures, keeping you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

Cashmere is a hollow fibre much like wool, however it is a great deal finer and lighter, enabling it to balance body temperature much like it does in its natural environment, ensuring that the animal that it comes from does not overheat in the warmer temperatures. The lightness in weight makes it one of the most comfortable fibres to wear when temperatures are warm.

During the summer months we tend to move our cashmere collections into more layered pieces incorporating lighter weights, neater styles and brighter palettes, perfect for travelling and holidays. Many of our loyal customers who love the quality and practicality of our cashmere come along too, telling us that some of their favourite pieces are from the summer range. It might surprise you to know that we sell as many cashmere pieces in July as we do in October.

So, with the temperatures increasing right now as we head into the British summertime, cashmere may not be the obvious choice but trust me when the sun goes down and the early evening temperatures drop, layering with a piece of cashmere is the perfect solution for those cooler summer evenings. Lightweight and breathable, it is the perfect cover up. Cosy up under the stars in our super-sized travel wrap at the end of a summers day by draping over the shoulders or knees.

City living and cashmere layers go together.  When it is hot outside and air conditioned inside, adding a layer of cashmere which is easy to carry and a lightweight solution to covering up. We find that the cashmere cardigans are one of our most versatile items for this time of year, great to add warmth to a smart outfit without compromising on style and when the evening falls and more warmth is needed, a cashmere scarf or wrap layered over the top is just far more stylish and comfortable than a jacket.

navy cashmere cardigan and cashmere travel wrap

 British weather is changeable to say the least.  On chilly mornings before the sun has gained its strength or when the goosebumps come up as the sun goes down, linens and t-shirts simply don’t cut it. We've all been there... you are invited to a BBQ mid afternoon in the searing heat and as the evening approaches you are politely pleading to the host for a blanket or jumper. Our wonderful Cashmere Scarves earn their weight in gold, especially the new Cashmere Travel Wrap which is compact and lightweight enough to carry in your bag and so welcome when the temperature cools.

The summertime also brings the possibility of summer weddings and the dilemma of what to wear to such an event. A cashmere wrap is the perfect summer wedding accessory. A great alternative to a jacket, providing that all important shade for shoulders and an extra layer if temperatures drop but without all the weight and hassle of taking an extra garment. 

The softness of the yarn too, is such a welcome characteristic of cashmere as apposed to harsh linen and the heaviness of cotton, for when your skin is at its most fragile but still needs a little protection.

bright summer cashmere on shelves with flowers and floral backgroundCashmere knitwear, quite surprisingly can be the perfect summer cover up for the beach also. We have a well travelled and discerning customer who purchased the Cashmere Kimono in every colour to keep at her coastal holiday home because she tells us that it is ideal to throw on when the wind picks up and the temperature drops while out on the beach.  So versatile is this piece, that if you take the same Kimono and dress it up with a chunky piece of jewellery, a wrap or a scarf, it doubles as an easy yet stylish piece for nights out with friends and believe me when I say, you will never feel more comfortable.

So next time you are packing your bags for a summer getaway or venturing out on a summer day, or even relaxing at home on a day when the sun is not too hot, reach for your cashmere and leave the rest behind. Why feel cool and prepared for all eventualities in anything else.

Enjoy the Summer.....