Machine Washable Cashmere

Gone are the days of slaving over a sink full of soapy water, hand washing every piece of cashmere you own, thank goodness! Nowadays all the cashmere from Cashmere & Cotton is pre washed and therefore can be thrown in the washing machine and afterwards it looks like new, with very little effort. Knowing the ins and outs about machine washable cashmere is what we do, plus there's a handy laundry symbols guide to reference too.

pile of washed abigail cashmere jumpers

A lot of our customers still cannot believe that we sell machine washable cashmere and still proudly tell us that they have hand washed all their cashmere. Please believe us when we say that it is far better, and easier to machine wash. The agitation in the machine gently helps remove any loose fibres and freshens up the yarn to feel like new, and even softer than when you first put it on.  But saying that, you must follow some simple rules;

  • Always wash on 30 degrees or lower
  • Only us the hand wash programme with gentle spin
  • Use Non- Biological powder
  • NO fabric softener
  • Lie flat to dry

We strongly advise that you do not use any kind of fabric softener, this coats the yarn with a chemical that eventually damages the yarn, and your cashmere will never recover. If you need further washing instructions read our How to wash Cashmere blog.

As long as you follow rules your cashmere should last for years and years. Our cashmere is the perfect antidote to fast fashion.

machine washable cashmere