As the weather gets warmer and we hopefully move into a bright and sunny British Summertime, I have been thinking about how different this year will be for us all. Not sure how long we will be staying at home, with continued fewer meetings with friends and socialising generally, curtailed and possibly no days out to our favourite events which involve us being around more than a handful of people.

Our biggest disappointment is the cancellation of the summer events which we all love visiting and being a part of  such as RHS Hampton and Tatton, Burghley to name a few. Chris and I,plus Jackie and Penni make up the show team and this is beacuse, as well as well as being the loveliest sales people you could ever meet,  we all love our gardens, nature and the great outdoors and love to explore, just like you, everything new and inspirational, as well as valuable girly time in the caravan after the show closes.

Strange as it may seem, our second busiest month in terms of cashmere sales is July! Yes, thats right. We sell more cashmere in July than any other month excluding November.

That is because we love presenting our carefully curated Summer Collection at shows around the country and always recieve the best reaction from you to our bright colours, and lighter weight, less weighty styles, on some days we are selling in temperatures of over 30 degrees!  ( Have you ever experienced the sauna like conditions within the Pavillions at Hampton Court and Tatton?)

So I got to thinking.....I wonder why the general concencious is that Cashmere is only for Winter. for warmth and for cosiness, when it is in fact one of the most flexible fibres for all seasons and I set out to investigate further, so that I could maybe share this with you all....and who knows, even convince you too!