Cashmere Care

When you buy a piece of 100% cashmere knitwear from Cashmere & Cotton, you are investing in an original design, made with loving care and attention to detail.

Using only the best cashmere yarn, our garments are carefully knitted using the finest and longest fibres to give you an item of quality and durability, which will last for many years to come.

Some of our fashion items are knitted in our “feather Light” quality, which is a more relaxed and open gauge fabric than our standard items. This helps to give drape and creates less bulk, making it more comfortable and lighter to wear.

During packing and transporting, your item may have been compressed and we suggest that you remove it from the packaging, pull it to shape and leave it to hang on a covered hanger for a short while before wearing to allow the fibres to relax and the item to regain its natural shape and size. (You may find that you can gain up to 15cm in length on some of our longer items, just by allowing the fibres to relax).

How do I wash my cashmere?

We suggest that you wash your item carefully (machine wash or gentle hand wash at 30 degrees, inside out and with non-biological powder or liquid, NO fabric softener), finish with a short spin and allow to dry flat.

Should your garment crease at all or need refreshing, gently steam with your iron over the surface of the fabric.

After laundering, place your cashmere in a breathable bag with an anti-moth sachet if possible.

What is pilling?

Pilling or bobbling is simply caused by a build up of fluff, especially on new knitted garments and particularly in areas of wear. Pilling is the natural shedding of loose fibres and not a sign of poor quality. Although our cashmere tends not to bobble very much at all, we do suggest the use of a cashmere comb before washing and in between washes to keep your cashmere looking as good as new.

How to use a cashmere comb

Simply lay your cashmere flat and run the comb over the surface gently catching and picking up any balls of fibre. After a few washes, your cashmere will cease to pill, as all the loose fibres will have been removed.

Do you have a problem with moths?

Moths are particularly fond of cashmere, in fact they search it out and by laying their eggs on the soft fibres, they can cause catastrophic damage to your favourite cashmere sweaters and accessories. The moth life cycle starts in the spring (March) and ends in the autumn (September). The female moth can lay up to 300 eggs in their three-month life span. These eggs are poised to hatch into destructive invaders and commence the downward slope of wardrobe disintegration, by causing tiny holes to appear in your garments.

Top Tips for protecting your cashmere from moths...

  • Spring clean your wardrobe. Moths love dark dusty corners so vacuum and wash your wardrobe and any drawers.
  • Keep all garments clean.
  • Store your knitwear in a storage bag, ideally with an anti moth sachet packed between garments.
  • Use moth repellent products. We think the most effective way of preventing moths is using a combination of a pheromone moth box with a variety of anti-moth products. The moth box traps the males and helps you monitor the level of infestation. The sprays and sachets will emit a specially formulated fragrance which is designed to deter them.
  • Regularly check your garments for signs of a moth infestation.

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Our Anti-Moth Products

We have developed our own natural range of cashmere care products and anti-moth products, which work so effectively, and which have been formulated especially for us.

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