Seven Wraps...Seven Ways

Our wonderfully luxurious 100% cashmere travel wrap is the most useful piece of cashmere that you will own and on cost per wear, it will also be the best value! Paired with a beautiful cashmere jumper, you're going to look and feel fantastic!

woman wearing neutral cashmere wrap and jumper1.  At the airport, on the train or a bus...

No one likes travelling with bulky coats so this is where the Travel Wrap comes into its own.  Wrap it around you like you would wear a coat and it provides amazing warmth without any of the weight and bulk, making it easier to hop on and off transport as you travel, and easily rolled and stored in your holdall when not required. You will also look amazingly chic with minimum effort.

2.  Feeling the cold?

When travelling to cold climates, wrap it snugly around your neck for the most amazing feeling of cosiness and warmth, you can even wear it on the ski slopes on freezing cold days, you will be the only one warm with the biting wind on the ski lifts.

cashmere wraps and scarf

3. Shopping around town

It is never easy choosing what to wear when spending the day shopping, as the shops are heated, yet it can be cold walking between the stores. Why not forgo the coat and wear the travel wrap stylishly draped over you? It is easy to unwrap if you get too warm and will not get in the way unlike a bulky coat. It can even be popped over your head should a shower of rain suddenly appear!


4. Around the home & garden?

You would be surprised how useful our pure cashmere travel wrap is around the home.  Keep a throw at the end of your bed to wrap around your shoulders whilst watching TV, sitting on the sofa or wrap it around your knee's when sitting in the garden to keep those chills at bay. 

cashmere wraps in the home along the bed and sofa and in the garden

5. After exercise

After strenuous exercise it is really important to keep your muscles warm and not get too cold. At the end of a yoga class the travel wrap is perfect to use as a blanket whilst you do the Savansana (Corpse) pose during meditation, keeping you warm and keeping the muscles that have been working so hard from getting cold. It is also great to wrap over your shoulders to walk back home after the class!

6. Evening out

Want to elevate your look at a black tie event and look chic and stylish? Throw a wrap over your shoulders and it can transform your outfit as well as keeping you warm to and from the event.

cashmere travel wrap colours7. Outdoor events

Thinking of Glynedebourne or Wimbledon or a trip to the races? It is always hard to find an outfit that not only looks formal for those smart occasions and one that keeps you warm outside in the unpredictable British climate. The travel wrap is the perfect solution, it can keep protect you from the summer breeze and add style to your attire. It easily pops in your bag should the weather suddenly improve.

Our 100% Cashmere super sized travel wrap measures 2m length by 1m width and is available in seven stunning shades. Machine washable, with no need to iron.....what's not to love?

colours of cashmere wraps