What To Wear In Summer...

camelia pink cashmere scarf with matching flowers on a floral backdrop

Summer Cashmere

With the temperatures soaring this weekend, cashmere probably has not been your first thought, but trust me when the sun goes down, throwing on a piece of cashmere is just perfect for those cool summer evenings. Lightweight and breathable it is the perfect cover up.

Cashmere has been marketed as the "in" thing for Autumn/Winter so many times now that it is probably no surprise that the material, long a favourite of the rich for its natural softness and its relative scarcity, has been given an extended life through the hottest months due to its natural ability to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. All the top fashion houses have a summer cashmere range this season and it is proving very popular.  We definitely sell nearly as much cashmere in the summer as we do in the winter.

Around the city in the summer cashmere is perfect. It is surprising that even in the middle of the summer you don't get too hot in cashmere and popping in and out of building with their air conditioning on full blast it is a welcome cover up. We find that the cashmere cardigans are one of our most versatile items, great to add warmth to a smart outfit without compromising on style.

bright summer cashmere on shelves with flowers and floral background

British weather is changeable to say the least, and on those chilly mornings before the sun has gained its strength or when the goosebumps come up as the sun goes down, linens and tees simply don’t cut it. We've all been there when you are invited to a BBQ mid afternoon in the searing heat and then as the evening approaches you are begging the host for a blanket or jumper. Our wonderful Cashmere Scarves earn their weight in gold, especially the new cashmere Travel Wrap, it is easy to pop into your bag and handy for when the temperature cools.

It's not just the season for BBQ invitations, the summertime also brings the possibility of summer weddings and the dilemma of what to wear to such an event. A cashmere wrap is the perfect summer wedding accessory, it can be a great alternative for a jacket, still providing that all important shade for shoulders or an extra layer if temperatures drop but without all the weight and hassle of taking extra layers. It looks great dressed up, our cashmere wraps are made to be paired with occasion wear and with our array of colours you will bound to find one to suit. 

A great benefit of Summer cashmere is the texture, when you have spent too long in the sun, Linen can just be too scratchy for your sore skin, try a piece of cashmere knitwear, it is super soft and will keep you protected from the sun without irritating your skin.

Cashmere knitwear is the perfect summer cover up by the beach, we have had one customer who bought the cashmere kimono in every colour to keep at her coastal holiday home because she finds it so useful to chuck on when the wind picks up and it gets a bit chilly out on the beach. It is also perfect for those casual nights out with friends.

So whatever you are doing this summer don't forget that Cashmere is not just for Winter!