How To Crochet A Jumper

Crochet has seen an impressive revival in recent years, especially as lockdown gave many of us the chance to get creative and learn a new skill or fall back in love with ones we left behind. If you haven't learned the basics yet, then don't worry - crochet is relatively easy to pick up, and you'll be working up your first pieces in no time. If you're already confident with a hook and yarn but want to challenge yourself to something new, you will definitely enjoy making your own jumper from scratch. 

Steps To Crochet A Jumper

Crocheting a jumper might seem daunting if you're a relatively new beginner, but trust us, it's definitely achievable! To help you get started on your next project, we'll show you how to crochet a jumper, from pattern selection to adding finishing touches to your work. Before diving into the world of crochet, knowing the different types of jumpers that are available is always worthwhile.

how to crochet a cashmere jumper

Step 1 - Finding A Crochet Pattern & Yarn

First things first, you need to choose a crochet pattern that you like the look of and is suitable for your experience level. If you've not been crocheting for long, there are thousands of gorgeous beginner-friendly patterns. Your pattern will give you details on the yarn weight to choose from and hook size. 

Bear in mind that a thicker hook than recommended will make the jumper bigger, and a smaller hook will make the jumper smaller. Depending on who you're making the jumper for, you may wish to aim for an oversized style that's roomy enough for all body shapes. Choose a worsted weight yarn that will be comfortable against the skin (cashmere, wool, cotton or an acrylic blend). You're going to need between 4 or 6 skeins of yarn (and it's always best to have some spare for alterations or repairs in the future too). We recommend the following guide:

  • Small jumper: 4 skeins
  • Medium jumper: 5 skeins
  • Oversized jumper: 6 skeins

Step 2 - Read The Crochet Pattern Carefully

Before you start, read the pattern a few times to understand the steps and terminology. Some patterns will use US or UK terms for the stitches, so clarify this before making your foundation chain. There's no harm in checking just that extra time before moving on to the next stage!

Step 3 - Make A Test Square & Decide On Size

You will usually find instructions on making a tension square on the yarn packaging. Make the square according to the instructions. It will call for a certain number of stitches, such as 15x15 - meaning you'd chain 15 then work 15 rows of single crochet. Measure the square, and the size should match the diagram on the packaging if your tension is correct. Too loose, and the square will be larger, too tight, and smaller. 

Step 4 - Follow The Instructions

You're ready to go! Follow the pattern instructions, take your time and remember to relax. If you're having trouble keeping count, get some stitch markers and place them at equal intervals to help you keep on track. 

crochet a cashmere jumper with yarn

Step 5 - Assemble All The Pieces Of Your Jumper

Once you've worked up all the individual components, such as the cuffs, body and sleeves, you will be ready to assemble your crocheted jumper. However, before you seam these pieces together, we recommend blocking each piece individually to the measurements given in the pattern. We know the excitement and wrapping it up as quickly as possible is sometimes too tempting. However, we thoroughly recommend you take your time. Refrain from rushing this stage as you will want to keep your seams as neat as possible.

Step 6 - Weave In Ends

You're almost done! Leave yourself a few inches of yarn every time you change yarn or finish a section because you'll need to use a darning needle to weave these into your work. Once everything is secure, you can start enjoying your beautiful, handmade jumper. 

Once you're a new self-confessed crochet addict, you'll also need to ensure your beautiful new creation is looked after. Our caring for jumpers guide will ensure you're all set.