Do Moths Eat Clothes?

Clothes moths, tineola bisselliella, are particularly fond of cashmere; in fact I think they might just love it more than us. They search it out and by laying their eggs on the soft natural fibres, they can cause catastrophic damage to your favourite cashmere sweaters and accessories. 

If you see moths flying around your house they are unlikely to be the clothes moths, but pantry pests, the moth that infests your grains and flours. Clothes moths do not like the light and you will be unlikely to see them, plus the adult moth won't do any harm, it is the larvae that does the damage. The female moth will lay her eggs where there is plenty of food, cashmere, wool, fur, pet fur and other animal based materials. They will feed on them for a three months.

The common clothes moth life cycle starts in the spring (March) and ends in the autumn (September). The female adult moth can lay up to 300 eggs, in areas where clothes are, in their three-month life span. These moth larvae are poised to hatch into destructive invaders and commence the downward slope of wardrobe disintegration, by causing tiny holes to appear in your garments.

Moths eating cashmere

How to get rid of moths 

  • Spring clean your wardrobe. The common clothing moths will seek out animal fibres and love dark dusty corners so vacuum and wash your wardrobe and any drawers.
  • Keep all garments clean, washed or dry cleaned, for more information on washing cashmere read our blog on how to wash cashmere.
  • Store your knitwear in a breathable storage bag, ideally with an anti moth sachet packed between garments. Try not to pack too tight fitting as the garments need to have room to breathe. Do not use plastic bags as the clothes cannot breath.
  • Use moth repellent products. We think the most effective way of preventing moths is using a combination of a pheromone moth box with a variety of anti-moth products. The moth box traps the males and helps you monitor the level of infestation. The sprays and sachets will emit a specially formulated fragrance which is designed to deter them.
  • Regularly check the garments for signs of a moth infestation.

Anti moth products

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